Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pursue your passion

Just like an old friend or a trusted confidante, we can count on Alan Watts to inspire and help us realize our own true selves and callings in life.  
Like a true spiritual adviser should: He imparts his wisdom not as a guru to the disciple; But as a fellow sentient being offering us a methodology for our own self-discoveries. 
This short talk inspired me in several ways.  I particularly enjoyed his thoughts on craftsmanship and vocation. Nothing particularly groundbreaking, but still reassuring none-the-less:  We have all heard the dictum, Do what you love and the money will follow. 
Watt's thoughts on the mastery of craft goes even further and points out that we are not alone, nor crazy to pursue our passions. As we master our crafts will eventually find ourselves successful and surrounded by a community of peers who share our same interests. On this level, we will flourish personally, professionally and spiritually. 
What could be more gratifying than doing something that you love and surrounding yourself with people who have similar passions?  Sound Good? Try it!  
"Better to live a short life doing something that you love, rather than live a long life being miserable".  And there is no reason to postpone our passions and callings in life until we retire. Personally, I love what an old college professor told me once: "Retire early and retire often". 
Peace, Luv and understanding, Daisy and Poncho

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