Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dreaming of Brasil!

"The indigenous Surui (or Paiter) Indians have lost much of their forest territory to clearing. But recent research has shown that reserves established for Indian peoples are providing significant Amazon forest protection. Indigenous groups make up less than 1 percent (700,000) of Brazil’s population, most in the Amazon region."

"An aerial view of the Amazon Basin reveals the cursive meandering of the Itaquai River. The headwaters of the Itaquai and the adjacent Jutai River are situated in one of the most remote and uncharted places left on the planet, home to some of Brazil’s remaining pockets of isolated indigenous tribes."

"Verdant Pantanal Lagoons dot patches of elevated forest during the wet season in the Pantanal, one of Earth’s largest wetlands. Mammals such as jaguars and monkeys retreat to the forests until waters recede, feasting on fish and other aquatic life trapped in shrinking pools." (National Geographic)

"Rainwater-created pools provide oases between sand dunes in northeast Brazil. The region—subject to devastating droughts—is the second most populous in the country, extending from Maranhão in the north down to Bahia."

This post is about BRASIL! Where the lungs of the earth, the amazon rainforest, is partially located. 
My dear friend Ada (I call her Otter) lives in Sao Paolo, Brasil's largest city with 10.9 million people. I am in the process of finangling a way to go there this year to visit her, hear the sing-song portuguese that I love, and see everything that beautiful, diverse, GREEN, place has to offer! I think I will need more than the 10 days I have allotted myself. 
All photos and excerpts are from National Geographic Travel, always guaranteed to give you the travel bug. 

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