Monday, May 21, 2012

how to flow like water

Yesterday, Sunday, I spent the day in Granby, CO at the hot springs with some friends. There were 20 pools, and I spent the day lazing around, napping on and off, soaking, and daydreaming. Being landlocked, I have to actively seek out the calming effects of being by the water, and it is so beneficial.
My grandfather, a sailor, used to say the ocean cleared the cobwebs in his head.
The water goddess carved the earth as we know it. The mountains and valleys, the rivers and land.
Like air, we need it to survive and we are made up of mostly water. But to flow like water, we need to create conditions where we empty ourselves out from time to time and fill back up. That means diving below to find out what is hiding there and letting it go. After all, the trick is to surrender to the flow!

Photography by Carrie Jordan

Photographed by Bruce Weber
Styled by Alex White
June 2008

Photography: Justin Chung. Fashion Editor/Stylist: Marcus Allen. Model: Heather Sands. Hair and Makeup: Julianne Laney.

By Toni Frissell, c. 1939.

"Lady in the Water"  by Toni Frissell. Published in Harper's Bazaar in December 1947. 

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