Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The midsummer dream~

The summer solstice is the time of year when the earth reaches the midpoint on her journey around the sun; the longest day of the year.
We can connect best with Mother Earth on powerful energetic days such as the solstice, equinox, full moon or new moon by showing our devotion, love and gratitude for her gifts and our guides. It is also a good time for visualization, cleansing and purification, or for making a request to the universe.
One of my favorite teachers, Pixie Campbell wrote a blog about her 4-day fast of berries, nuts, greens, and water before the solstice. Four is a sacred number because it represents the four directions and the four seasons. I am joining her fast in celebration of the sun and earth, the abundance and blessings they provide for us.
I have created a solstice ceremony and I hope you will join!

  • Start the morning of the solstice with four sun salutations, one for each direction.
  • In the evening, create a space for ritual in your home or garden. Smudge yourself and your companions with burning sage, then root yourself to the earth. Take a moment to breathe, feeling the magic that surrounds you.
  • Imagine your heart radiating the love and gratitude you have for the Mother and the Sun and all the beautiful blessings in your life.
  • Ask the universe to provide or manifest what you need, to take away what does not serve you, and set an intention to fulfill your heart’s true desires.
  • You may bring offerings when you make these requests. Rose buds or roses are traditional and symbolic of the solstice, but other examples are herbs or flowers. You can burn the offerings in a fire (not recommended in the dry west), float them down a river, or bury them in the earth. 
  • When you are finished with the offerings, express your gratitude once more and close the ceremony. 
  • Break your fast with a yummy feast!

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