Thursday, June 21, 2012

Open your wings to the summer sun

During the solstice celebration, we talked a lot about the changes in life; making transition, and having the courage to move forward fearlessly on the path that you choose without regard for risk or worry.
Our wise friend Cosmore's insight really touched me. He said that divinity is the ocean and each person is a wave in the ocean—we are all flowing together. To truly flow with the world around you, you must be grounded in your soul, your true roots, your true heart's desire; let your soul shine and everything else will fall into place.
It is a simple truth, but I know that I need to constantly be reminded to disregard fear and turn it into courage, and to visualize abundance rather than scarcity, to really reach inside and discover who I want to be and what gifts I want to contribute to the world.

Via Pixie Campbell 

 Let your soul SHINE like the sun this summer and always. It makes the world a better place!

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