Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rain Dance

Rain Dance by Tom Philllips

We are hoping for rain to help put out the 14 wild fires in Colorado. Yesterday when we heard the rain start to pitter patter on the roof, everyone expressed their joy that it had started to rain—we really need it. Then about an hour later we were reading on Twitter that lightning strikes had started four more fires. Not exactly what we had in mind.
To help those affected, Colorado musician Megan Burtt has started a Facebook Page called “Make a Rain Dance Colorado: Album Project,” which asks for Colorado artists to post their Rain Dance songs to the Facebook Page and to SoundCloud, which will then be turned into an album, with proceeds going to all those affected in the Colorado wildfires. She asks that all songs be submitted by July 10th. Burtt posted a song called, “Rain,” which is featured below, and already has another artist on board within an hour of making the page, with Magnetic Wind providing their song, “Believe,” for the project. Burtt said, “Colorado needs some music love,” and I’m sure the talented musicians of Colorado will come through. This is an incredible and thoughtful project, and I personally thank everyone that contributes to this project by providing music, to those that share the Make a Rain Dance Colorado: Album Project Facebook Page, and to those that make future purchases of the album to help out all those that have been devastated by the fires. The Troubadour’s Road will be sure to publish the details and links to the album when it is made available.

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