Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Transit of Venus

Today Venus passes between earth and the sun around 6:04pm for North Americans. The transit will last for a little longer than 6 hours; and the next chance to watch is in December of 2117. Last week a palm reader told me I would live to be 124 years old, so I will definitely be able to watch it again in my lifetime, but you may not be able to ;)

If you are in Boulder, you can snag some eclipse shades at McGuckin's Hardware on Folsom and Arapahoe—word on the street is they have some left over from the solar eclipse a couple of weeks ago.

On an astrological level, social Venus' transit across the Sun today highlights love and relationships. As a result, our individual perspectives may be lost as we sacrifice our own needs for the benefit of others.

We would love to hear about your experience watching the transit!

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