Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Arrivals in the Soul*Sing Boutique

      Daisy and Poncho are pleased to offer a small selection of beautiful, vintage, Guatemalan Huipils, which are the traditional blouses that Mayan women and their daughters in Guatemala have worn for centuries. They are still the traditional attire of indigenous Guatemalans and a few other Latin American Mayan cultures today. These beautiful blouses are of great cultural significance to contemporary Mayan culture, and help to identify the individual personality and the village from where the wearer lives, as well as her marital, social and religious status. The patterns and meanings on the huipils harken back to the days of Ancient Mayan civilization and have remained the same over the years. They represent a spiritual continuity from their noble past to the present day, and are worn with pride and dignity in everyday life, as well as for ceremonial purposes or special familial occasions.
      Guatemalan huipils have been hand-woven on a traditional back strap loom for centuries. The looms and weaving techniques have been passed down from mother to daughter through the years. Guatemalan weavers use raw wool or cotton that they wash, comb and spin as their starting panels and then weave and often embroider/brocade brightly colored yarns into the panels as they work. The process is actually called brocade, which is different than embroidery,  where the colored threads are stitched into the completed garment. The use of indigenous dyes from flowers, plants, insects, bark, and berries give these blouses a beautiful and brightly colored aura of individual intensity that you can see in these fine examples of Mayan weaving. Huipils are considered works of art  and can sometimes take months to complete.  Artisans in Guatemala often make and sell huipils to help to support their families and improve their living conditions, but they are also a traditional part of Mayan culture and are worn widely among the natives of Guatemala. They will continue to reflect femininity, identity, and tradition of Mayan culture for many generations to come.

Beautiful Guatemalan childrens huipil ca. 1950's. Price: 65.00 USD

Beautiful Guatemalan childrens huipil ca. 1950's. Price: 65.00 USD

Beautiful Guatemalan, vintage, brocaded huipil circa 1950's. From the San Pedro Sacatepeguez region. Price 250.00

Beautiful, Guatemalan, vintage, brocaded, huipil circa 1950's. From the Chajul region. Price 250.00

Beautiful, Guatamalan, vintage, brocaded, huipil circa 1950's. From the Patzun region. Price 200.00

Beautiful, Guatemalan, vintage, brocaded, huipil circa 1950's. From the  San Martin Jilotepeque region. Price 175.00

 Please contact if you have any questions or would like to purchase one of these beautiful, vintage, Mayan huipils. 

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