Monday, July 23, 2012

New Offerings from the Soul*Sing Boutique

Sundance Vision
Tied for First

Flower of Life

Daisy & Poncho Soul*Sing boutique is proud to offer for a limited time only, while supplies last, these beautiful signed and limited edition lithographs by self-taught Comanche artist Rance Hood. Rance Hood's works capture the spirit, color and movement of the Plains Indian warrior in battle; And, often in full, traditional, ceremonial attire, much like the dress we see in the fancy dances in modern-day Pow Wows today. He also masterfully portrays the interplay of ancestral spirits in the modern, totemistic worldview of contemporary Native America. His artwork captures the symbolism, form and importance of honor and ferocity in battle; And the importance of the horse in traditional and contemporary Comanche society.  The Horse was the most prized possession of the Comanches and their most prized objects in their raids, forays and battles. The Comanche were also unique in the fact that they were an inclusive tribe that often allowed men and women from different and neighboring tribes to join their tribe and secret warrior societies depending upon their bravery, fearlessness and sincerity. Rance Hood Captures much of the old Comanche ways in his paintings and has honored his ancestors well and has kept the old ways alive for a whole new generation of contemporary Native American painters like Bunky Echo Hawk and Terence Guardipee, among others.
      Rance gained recognition in the late 1960′s and early 1970′s winning many awards for his traditional style paintings. His compositions and paintings are often inspired by his memories, the collective unconscious of his tribe, the symbols of the Native American Peyote Church, and the timeless teachings of his elders.  Hood’s art is significant and enduring in the Comanche traditions of portraying the proud warrior on horseback and in capturing the important symbolism of the Peyote religion in post reservation Comanche society.
His Death Song
      "I am a Comanche Indian from Lawton, Oklahoma. My grandmother and grandfather were full-blooded Comanche. I grew up speaking Comanche before I learned English. The son of a white father and a Comanche mother, I learned Comanche traditions from my maternal grandparents. My grandfather taught me the peyote religion and told me stories about great Comanche warriors of the past. When my grandfather passed away he handed me down the medicine. I sleep in a room full of it and I pray a lot. Every morning and every evening, in the medicine ways. A lot of times I get visions when I’m sleeping. When I work around medicine I’ll get a vision or a title and I’ll see the scene and paint it"...  "When I was little, I saw the Fort Sill army trucks so I tried to draw them in the dirt and my grandmother said, “Draw this,” and she drew a triangle. She said, “That’s a teepee. That’s Indian. Draw about us and who we are.” So then I started drawing Indian things, like teepees and horses.
We had Appaloosas in the Comanche tribe; the Comanche went up to Oregon and stole them from the Nez Perce. They’re the ones who originated the Appaloosa horses. Sometimes the dots on an Appie are blue, sometimes they’re gray, and so I started doing that, without marking them first. I just knew where the spots were going to be. I’m a horse person. I am Comanche.
         All images are Signed and numbered by Rance Hood.  They are authentic Lithographs printed with quality lithographic inks on fine 100% rag PH balanced lithographic papers.  Printed by Dallas Creek Fine arts in the the 1970's.  They have been immaculately preserved, and we have multiple copies of all these images.  For a limited time we will be offering these beautiful Lithographs for 100.00 each, shipping included. Please contact with any questions or inquiries. 

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